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    Posting Ads             Craigslist and Backpage
If you have not read our Beginners getting started read that first

There are many classified ads sites on the net and some large social networking sites that have a classified ads section as well,

Craigs list is going to be your money maker and sites like Back page for classified ads sites, but you can find many more by looking around Google. Many of the social networking sites and some message boards will have a classified ads section for you to post in as well.

When you go to these sites copy the code you will need for your text link and have it read to paste. Open 10 windows at a time with there post ad page. Paste the code into each one and then write a short ad like Make money now or Meet local swingers here. Put something catchy that will make them want to open that ad in the subject that doesn't sound like spam like Now Hiring or I want to meet someone.

To really make money off posting on classified ads sites you will need to do many ads everyday for 4 days to a week and you will start to see sales.  When you get good this can take 5 to 20 min a day to place 10 to 20 ads, and can make you a ton of money.


    Message Boards             Software
Message Boards are great for a couple reasons.

First off many message boards use a couple different types of software to run. People have made software to spam the message boards software. Basically sometimes instead of you having to make a account and post on 20 or 50 message boards you can have software that does this for you.

Another good reason is unless a moderator of the board deletes your post then it will stay up for the life of the site and can make you money month after month. with message boards you will need to work at it more than classified ads sites to see the result but it can last longer. For example if you do a shit load and stop then it will still make you new sales year after year.


 Networking Sites            Millions        
There are millions of Social networking sites with Millions of people on them and all different kinds. More coming soon
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