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About Us

                                  We have extensive knowledge and background in the adult industry. The owner Donny Long started out as a male performer and performed in over  to a thousand scenes. He then went on to opening a full production studio. The owner is very familiar with how the internet money making business works and now we are going to show you how.

          Now his company is offering you the knowledge and tools to getting rich making tons of cash in this very hush hush kept industry.

        Years ago the adult industry was kept so secret that there was very few that profited from this secret business. Back then those people were very very wealthy and now there are a lot more people that have caught on to the profits of the adult industry.

        It is not as easy now a days to get rich in this business without extensive knowledge, but having the correct tools helps. We are here today to give you these well kept secrets free of charge because every dollar you make we the affiliate program make a percentage.

        This is not a scam or anything different than any other adult webmaster affiliate program. Many others have money or knowledge of the internet, or knowledge of adult video production, or knowledge of being an adult webmaster but few have the knowledge of all of the above.

        We are going to give you a lot of tools that other companies don't and show you a lot of secrets the other companies don't for you to get rich and make tons of cash. Our affiliate programs originality is based on original ideas from a company that knows every angle of the business.

       Our first site as you will see is a very original and is different from anything you will see on the net. Its not some bulshit scam like a lot of sites because it is run by the very real people of the adult industry.  The site is full of REAL Directors, Photographers, Porn Stars, and a bunch of other types of industry professionals. Our shit is fucking 100% real.

       We will continue to come out with original niche reality websites that sell better than anyone else's. Sign up today free and read in our members area how to create your own traffic to your own website and make tons of cash.






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